Geoffrey Molyneux

B. Mus.Hons., G.G.S.M. Lond., P.G.C.E., Mem. I.S.M.

Concerts and Music Festivals

All students from beginners to advanced are given the opportunity to participate, if they wish, in regular recitals.

Normally these are held in my own studio and in local arts centres and churches (such as the Ripley Arts Centre Bromley, St John's Church Sidcup, Footscray Baptist Church, Christ Church Bexleyheath and concerts organised by the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians). They provide valulable experience of performing as a soloist or in an ensemble (which is useful also for the performance section for GCSE and A-Level music students).

Many students also take part in Music Festivals such as:




Students performing at the Ripley Arts Centre